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Just a brief interpretation to get you on your way.
What is a Mummer?
A Mummer is anyone that Participates the Philadelphia New Years Day Parade!
The official parade started in 1901 up Broad Street in Philly.
It is held on the first day of the new Year.
The parade starts at 9AM and lasts till about 7to9 PM.
 It is divided into FOUR main divisions of which follow this order.
Comics, Fancy,Stringbands,and Brigades.
A small description will follow for each division.
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 Mummers History
The first and comical part of the parade. There are groups and individuals that dance and march and do skits for prizes. Some as you see get dressed up as Wenches while others do themes like clowns, Star Wars,and Auston Powers along with Many others.
Always looking for a laugh and first prize. 
This is the second division of marchers basically consisting of individuals or small groups in elaborate costumes and props. They carry or wheel large fancy plumed pieces in order to dance and get that illusive first prize.
This is the third division of the parade and it is Music and Theme based. The music is a unique sound because only woodwinds(saxophones) strings(banjos)and percussion(drums) are allowed along with a few others.
They do a performance based on the Theme(like Irish or Mardi Gras) in order to be juged for First Prize..    
The final division of the parade that has developed into an indoor performance based on Large props(the jungle or a mountain). They still parade up the street then head into an indoor arena for there Theme based performance. They use recorded music to dance to as well as elaborate plumed costumes also going for First Prize.      
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